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The world of chemistry is amazing! Have fun exploring the world of science with Battery Kids! Find the best science experiments that you can do at home or school!

Battery Kids is a great place to find science fair experiments, science projects and more! Science is fun! Try our great experiments to learn about electricity, power and batteries!

Did you know that you can power a clock from things you have in your kitchen? That’s right! Battery Kids shows you the magic of every day science!

Don’t let the school science fair get you down. Find the best science experiments right here on Battery Kids! From batteries made from lemons to a clock that runs on nothing but a potato, Battery Kids is here to help you find the coolest science projects.

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Thanks for stopping by the best place to learn about batteries, battery chemistry and the exciting world of science! Here at Chrome Battery, we have spent our lives developing the most powerful batteries for the most sophisticated consumer electronics products. And we couldn’t do it without chemistry, science and great schools!

Battery Kids is our portal into the world of science and chemistry. We want to help you and your students create and learn from the best science experiments, win the school science fair and create a lot of excitement around learning about science!

Battery Kids is uniquely focused on experiments involving batteries and electricity. From global warming to electric cars, batteries are a big part of our future, so we believe that the kids need to understand the essentials of battery chemistry and electricity. Our mission is to give you the best in science education.

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