Pressure Experiment It’s fun, easy and inexpensive. Please make sure there is adult supervision when doing this experiment. First you need to gather up all of the materials you will need. Below is a list of the following items needed to conduct this experiment:
  • A lemon
  • Water
  • A knife
  • Scissors
  • A balloon
  • A rubber band
  • A mason or jam jar
Are you ready? Let’s get started. First take the scissors and cut the neck of the balloon off and have an adult remove the lemon peel from the lemon. Cut a large piece of the lemon peel into the shape of a boat or fish (something water related). Fill the jar with water and drop your shaped lemon peel into the water. Stretch the balloon to cover the top of the mason jar and wrap the rubber band around the mouth of the jar to secure the stretched balloon in place. You want to make sure that the balloon is stretched as tight as possible. Lightly press down on the balloon cover with your finger. What happened? Did the lemon peel dive in the water? It should have. And in turn when you release your finger from the balloon cover, the lemon peel should come back up to the surface of the water. Can you figure out why this happens? The pressure from your finger squashes the tiny air bubbles inside the lemon peel allowing water in, thus, causing it to dive down in the water. And when you remove your finger from the balloon cover, the lemon peel will expand and float back up to the surface. Cool, huh?

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could not get it to work….suggestions

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