How to Build a Flashlight First you need to gather up all of the materials you will need. Below is a list of the following items needed to conduct this project: • 2 D batteries • 2 5” pieces of #22 copper insulated wire w/ the ends stripped off • A toilet tissue roll – cut to 4” in length • A 3 volt flashlight bulb • 2 brass fasteners • 1” X 3” cardboard strip • A paper clip • Small paper cup • Tape Are you ready? Let’s get started. Push the brass fasteners through the tube and attach the paperclip. The paperclip will act as your on/off switch. Attach a wire to each fastener on the inside of the tube. Next, tape your batteries together (+to-) and place inside the tube. Take one end of wire and secure it to the bottom of one battery’s negative terminal. Take other wire and insert it through a hole in the center of the cardboard strip (the hole needs to be large enough to fit the bulb through). Then twist the wire around the bottom of the bulb and insert the bulb into the cardboard strip. This strip, when taped to the tube, will position the bulb for contact with the positive terminal on the battery. Punch a hole through the bottom of your paper cup and push the bulb through the hold. The cup will then act as your reflector. Secure with tape. What happened? Did the flashlight work? It should have. If not, make sure your wires are connected securely. Back in 1898, the first flashlight was constructed and this is almost the exact same project.



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i am doing this for my last minute projects i am prying for it to work


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